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Services for the integrated operation of energy and process equipment, transmission and distribution systems are one of the main activities of EnergoTechService. This knowledge and experience have been obtained for more than 15 years of the company's work in this market.

EnergoTechService, acting as the official partner of the generating and process equipment manufacturers, carries out production and delivery of various equipment:

In the structure of EnergoTechService, the construction and erection department (CED) has been formed and is successfully functioning. CED is capable of building energy and process facilities of any complexity - from high-voltage lines to high-power power stations.
The EnergoTechService chief engineer service is involved at all stages of the implementation of projects for the construction or modernization of the energy center - from the selection of optimal technical, technological and organizational solutions and ending with the technical supervision of the implemented project.
EnergoTechService is commissioning, servicing, diagnosing and repairing (current, recovery, capital) of gas piston engines and generator sets based on GE Waukesha and GE's Jenbacher. The company consists of exclusively specialists certified by manufacturing plants, only original spare parts are used.

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EnergoTechService will take part in the TOGF-2018
  • 09.10.2018

EnergoTechService will take part in the IX Tyumen Oil and Gas Forum, which will be held in the Tyumen Technopark from 19 to 20 September.

Distributed energy in paper production technologies
  • 09.10.2018

EnergoTechService will manufacture and commission a modular power plant for the paper mill Comfort (Chelyabinsk) - one of the largest producers of sanitary paper products in Russia. 1500 kW of electric and 1539 MW of thermal capacity will ensure the operation of a powerful paper machine with a capacity of more than 50 tons per day.

Happy Builder's Day!
  • 10.08.2018

EnergoTechService congratulates its partners on a professional holiday — builder's...


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years on the market


branches and representative offices in the Russian Federation

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own equipment park

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History of the company:

August, 2002

The constituent documents are registered and the office of EnergoTechService is opened in Tyumen.

February, 2003

The beginning of operation of the energy facilities of the Sibneft-Noyabrskneftegaz fields in the Yamal-Nenets Autonomous District (in the districts of Noyabrsk, Muravlenko, Yety-Pur river, the Vyngapur Village) and the Omsk Region (Zapadno-Krapivinskoye Field).

April, 2003

A contract was signed for the operation of power equipment and networks of the Zapadno-Ozernoye gas field (Anadyrsky district, Chukotka Peninsula).

April, 2003

EnergoTechService starts operating its first gas piston power plant at the Yaraynerskoye field. The 6575 kW power plant based on GRU Cummins operates on associated petroleum gas.

April, 2005

EnergoTechService strengthens its presence in the fields of Western Siberia - Zapadno-Krapivinskoye (Omsk region), Archinskoye (Tomsk region), Urmanskoe (Tomsk region) and Priobskoye (KhMAO) fields. It was decided to open the Tarsky operation site (in 2008 it was reorganized).

June, 2005

To organize repairs of power equipment in workshop conditions, EnergoTechService first rents, and in June 2006 acquires a production and service base in Yalutorovsk (70 km from Tyumen).

May, 2008

The new management team led by director and Honored Power Engineer of the Russian Federation Aleksandr Svergin has started to work. The new office in Moscow has opened.

July, 2008

The strategic decision to significantly expand the presence regions and activities of EnergoTechService has been made.

February, 2009

The contract for the integrated operation of power utilities of Kholmistoye and Chatylkinskoye fields (Gaspromneft- Noyabrskneftegas) has been signed. It is more than 30 units of generating equipment (including 17 units of GRU GE Waukesha VHP 5904).

June, 2010

EnergoTechService has commenced the power supply of Ravninnoye field (Gaspromneft- Noyabrskneftegas). Gas reciprocating power plant based on the two units of the GRU GE Waukesha VHP 5904 was launched in the short term.

April, 2011

The start of the operation and service of the electrical equipment, heating lines, and power networks of the OAO RITEK objects in Yamal-Nenets Autonomous Area, since 2012 also in the Republic of Tatarstan.

June, 2011

The start of forming the Diesel Electrical Station’s rental fleet to supply power for drilling. In one year, 18 Diesel electrical stations had expanded the fleet.

February, 2012

EnergoTechService holds the comprehensive testing of the GRU Wartsila on Oil Pumping Station-12 and Oil Pumping Station-13 (OAO Transneft), using high-voltage load devices from its own rental fleet.

July, 2013

Gas reciprocating power plant with 5.5 MW based on GRU of GE Waukesha has started to operate in the Severo-Urengoyskoye field (Northgas). EnergoTechService has maintained the operation and service of electrical equipment, heating lines, and power networks.

October, 2013

Construction and installation department in frame of EnergoTechService has been created.

November, 2013

EnergoTechService started power supply of Novoportovskoye field (Gazpromneft-Yamal). By 2015, the energy complex has reached 12.3 MW of capacity (8 GRU Cummins).

October, 2014

In less than three months, a gas turbine power plant in Yaro-Yakcinskoye field (Arktikagaz) with the installed capacity of 24 MW, based on the three Gas Turbine Units of “Motor Sich”, has been constructed and started industrial operating.

November, 2014

The beginning of construction of two technological facilities on the Verkh-Tarskoye field (Novosibirskneftegaz) – condensate collection plant and light fractions capture plant.

December, 2014

The comprehensive testing of the biggest in Russia Gas Reciprocating Power Plant, based on GRU MWM (Russian copper company, Mikheevskiy GOK) has been completed.

February, 2015

A new business unit in frames of EnergoTechService has been created – Service management. The unit is intended to build and regulate every process of power and technological equipment service.

May, 2015

The major overhaul program of the GPU GE Waukesha VHP 5904 for Gazpromneft-Noyabrskneftegaz has started. On the energy center site of the Chatylkinskoye field, a new mobile service center has deployed.

July, 2016

EnergoTechService has achieved the status of an official distributor and service partner of GE Waukesha.

August, 2016

The second phase of the energy complex of Novoportovskoye field (Gazpromneft-Yamal), based on nine units of GRU Cummins has started to operate industrially. The capacity of the energy complex has doubled - from 12.3 MW to 26.5 MW.

September, 2016

EnergoTechService ranked 37th in the “TOP-100 Major Tyumen companies”.

December, 2016

EnergoTechService together with GE Distributed Power holds a conference in Tyumen «GE Waukesha Reciprocating Gas Engines in gas and oil technologies».

August, 2017

In record time (4 months) the first stage of gas reciprocating power plant in Kuyumbinskoe field (OOO Slavneft-Krasnoyarskneftegaz)

September, 2017

An agreement with the Government of the Tyumen region on the construction of a production center of EnergoTechService in technology park Borovskiy (17 km from Tyumen) was signed.

September, 2017

EnergoTechService acquires the status official distributor and service partner of GE’s Jenbacher.

December, 2017

EnergoTechService acquires the status of an authorized dealer of the largest in South-East Asia manufacturer of turbocharger equipment ShaanGu Power.

Information about the company «EnergoTechService»: The company «EnergoTechService» was founded in 2002 as a specialized enterprise for the construction and operation of power facilities in oil and gas fields. To date, «EnergoTechService» is more than 800 highly qualified employees, dozens of successfully implemented large-scale energy projects, more than 500 MW of electric and thermal capacity in operation, a fleet of own power equipment with a capacity of more than 100 MW. The central office is located in Tyumen, representative offices are opened in Moscow and in the main regions of presence (Novy Urengoy, Noyabrsk, Beloyarsk, Nurlat, Irkutsk, etc.). Since 2016, it is a distributor and service partner of GE Distributed Power in the GE Waukesha product line in Russia, since September 2017 – GE's Jenbacher. In December 2017, «EnergoTechService» received the status of the dealer of the largest manufacturer of turbocharger equipment in Southeast Asia – Shaangu Power Co., Ltd.

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