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Corporate culture


Corporate culture

We create a unique trading offer for customers around the world that will be able to anticipate the customer's need for an integrated power supply.

By "unique offer”, we mean a specific offer for the client, based on the synergy of financial, human and productive resources.


Our main goal is to ensure sustainable business development by which we mean the continuous development of EnergoTechService in social, economic and environmental aspects.


We see our mission in providing our partners around the world with comprehensive and high-quality power supply services with the help of a team of professionals and advanced technology.


For more than fifteen years of existence, our company has determined the following values for itself:


• We appreciate the knowledge that our employees have.

• We strive to accumulate and expand our knowledge base, developing the skills of our employees.

• We transfer the existing knowledge to new employees and strive to create a unique expert system for solving the tasks of any level of complexity.


• The core of our work is providing quality services, anticipating the needs of the customer.

• We develop and ensure the quality of our services and all processes.

• Quality of work is our competitive advantage.


• We are aimed at constant development, expansion of our activities, and new market exploration.

• We strive to learn, implement, and use the latest technologies, techniques, and equipment that allow us to be the best in the business.

Our employees are eager to acquire new knowledge daily.


• We are in continuous search and implementation of innovations. We find the best in the whole world and adapt it to our business.

• We know that the basis of our Company's success is continuous improvement. Our employees evaluate their workflow every day and are looking for opportunities to improve it.


• We are a rapidly growing company; we not only adapt to the changes but also anticipate them.

• Our desire to be the first requires from us quick decision-making, initiative and high speed of work.

• Our advance offers the career opportunities to employees.


• We always stand by a positive and constructive attitude to work.

• Our employees carry out their work in accordance with the goals, objectives, and interests of the Company.

• We give our employees the opportunity to fulfill themselves within the company.

News & Press RELEASES

Expert RA rating agency has confirmed EnergoTechService credit rating
  • 02.03.2023

Expert RA has confirmed EnergoTechService credit rating at ruA- level with a stable outlook

Three modular gas-reciprocating power plants for T Plus
  • 27.02.2023

EnergoTechService will take part in T Plus Perm branch generation facilities modernization

The best engine operators and electricians are determined by the results of the competition
  • 15.11.2022

TZEO hosted next stage of competition "The best by profession"


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Honored Power Engineer of the Russian Federation

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