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HR policy

From the moment of the foundation, EnergoTechService was aware that only human could be the most valuable asset of the company and its main driving force. Employing highly qualified experts, we were able to accumulate the huge base of technical expertise, which allows the development of not only the company but also of each employee.

In order for our company to move forward continuously, we motivate and support active workers, who are eager to learn something new in their field. We give our employees the fullest opportunity to be fulfilled in their jobs in EnergoTechService.

The pillars of our work are fairness and transparency, so we always comply with labor legislation and all applicable privacy and data protection laws*, our employees are socially protected, confident and secure about their future.

The basic principle of EnergoTechService in recruitment area is hiring of personnel on a competitive basis. The recruitment procedure consists of the following stages:


We carefully consider the professional experience of candidates and courses or training passed by them. The processing time of CVs is 14 days.


If the CV corresponds to the current vacancy, the HR-specialist, who is in charge of this vacancy, communicates with the candidate for primary conclusion and answers to questions.


After the phone interview, the HR-specialist sends to an email address of the candidate the consent to the processing of personal data, link to a professional test and requests the package of documents.


After providing the full package of documents and successful passage of testing, the candidate’s data is routed for consideration to the line manager for an interview.


The final selection decision is made on the basis of consensus of everyone involved in the selection. After final decision taking, the HR-specialist provides the feedback.

Current open positions:

Our company grows, we implement new projects, and therefore we call for staff with multidisciplinary competencies in every region of presence. We are constantly updating our vacancies. The current need for staff you can find on the largest recruiting portals:

If you have a filled in application form on the above services, select the vacancy of EnergoTechService on the portal and click on the button “Respond”.


Your detailed (full) CV you can send to an email address of the HR department of EnergoTechService op@tmenergo.ru.

We offer you the opportunity to express your desire to work for our company. To do this, you need to fill out the questionnaire in the prescribed form. All questionnaires are processed; applicants are added to the base of external personnel reserve. When there are vacant positions in EnergoTechService, you may be invited to participate in the competition for their replacement.

Please note that, in accordance with Federal Law N 152-FZ ON PERSONAL DATA, we must obtain your consent to the processing of your personal data. Terms of processing and storage of your personal data are reflected in the document “The consent of the applicant for the provision and processing of his personal data”.

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In order to determine the professional competencies of candidates for a vacancy, our experts have developed testing for the major workloads. Tests do not focus on the specific features of our company's equipment but are aimed to determine the level of knowledge in a particular field.

You can pass the test on the link from our website or wait until our HR-specialist sends it to you. We draw your attention that testing can be done only once, all results are fixed in the system. Some positions require the passage of two or more tests.

Test for the V group on electrical safety:

Go to the test

Short orientation test:

Go to the test

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