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Tyumen Power Equipment Plant (TZEO) is the main production, service and educational platform of EnergoTechService. TZEO is located on an area of 3.13 hectares in the Borovsky Industrial Park, 17 km from Tyumen.

The plant was opened on September 19, 2019. The opening ceremony was attended by the Governor of the Tyumen Region A. Moore, Chairman of the Board of EnergoTechService A. Svergin and K. Lange, President and CEO of INNIO (held this position until 2021). As part of the first stage of construction, 8 infrastructure facilities of the plant were put into operation, the main of which is the assembly shop (1250 m2). The plans provide for further expansion of the production and storage capacities of the plant.

TZEO opening ceremony in Tyumen

The construction of the TZEO was carried out by specialists of the construction and installation department of EnergoTechService in 2018-19 with the participation of INNIO engineers (at that time — GE Distributed Power) and the support of the Government of the Tyumen Region. The total volume of investments in the first place of the plant amounted to 1.45 billion rubles.

TZEO in construction stage

TZEO consists of the following infrastructure facilities:


GPP packaging

  • 4 assembly lines
  • Up to 80 units of modular equipment per year
The site is used for the assembly of serial products of TZEO — gas power plants based on INNIO Waukesha and Jenbacher, Diesel power plants, Gas treatment units, switchgears and other power equipment.
More information about the products: Equipment .


TZEO Test Stand

  • Equipped with a gas point
  • 6 types of tests for 28 parameters in 4 load modes
The stand is used for carrying out factory individual tests of finished products — Gas stations based on INNIO Waukesha and Jenbacher — under load. These measures minimize the amount of installation and commissioning work at the facility, reduce risks and minimize the time of commissioning of the facility. What tests are carried out on the test bench:
  • High voltage transformer testing;
  • Checking the operation of circuit breaker protections;
  • Checking electrical safety parameters;
  • Testing and verification of the correct operation of the firefighting and fire-control systems;
  • Testing and checking the correct operation of the gas contamination system;
  • Checking the correct display of parameters and signals from the working mechanisms of the GPU on the control panel (a total of 56 discrete signals and 18 analog signals are checked).
During individual tests, 28 parameters of the generator set are recorded and displayed in the GPU monitoring system. The parameters are fixed in four load modes: idle, 30%, 60% and 100% of the nominal power of the GPP. Upon completion of the tests, the power module is transferred to the transport state for subsequent shipment to the place of operation. Hanging elements are dismantled and placed inside the module.


INNIO Jenbacher Cylinder Heads Repair Line

  • The only one in Russia and neighboring countries
  • Up to 1000 units in year
The line is the only one in Russia and neighboring countries. Jenbacher cylinder heads of series 3,4 and 6 E / F, as well as Jenbacher connecting rods of series 3 and 4 are restored here. Units and components for repair come from all partners located in different regions of Russia and neighboring countries. Repairs are carried out according to the technology and under the control of INNIO Jenbacher. In the near future, TZEO will start repairing the cylinder head, auxiliary equipment and attachments of INNIO Waukesha.


 INNIO Jenbacher Training Center

  • The only one in Russia and neighboring countries
  • 7 educational programs
The INNIO Jenbacher Training Center is the only educational platform in Russia and neighboring countries for training INNIO Jenbacher service engineers and gas engine operators. The training center started operating in January 2022 on the basis of our company's infrastructure in Tyumen. The theoretical part of the training takes place on the territory of the EnergoTechService office in the Nobel Park business center, the practical part takes place at the TZEO. The trainers are the employees of the INNIO Jenbacher educational center from Austria. Education is conducted in English in small groups (6-8 people) according to 7 educational programs: 3 courses for operators and 4 for service employees. The training center trains technical specialists from Russia, Kazakhstan, Belarus and other neighboring countries.


TZEO - Warehouse for Gas Engines and Modular Power Plants

  • Up to 50 units technology at a time
  • 1.8 hectares of open space
An open area where gas engines are stored before packaging, as well as finished products before shipment to the place of operation.

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