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The power supply of Novoportovskoe field

Customer: OOO Gazprom Neft Yamal (until 2016 OOO Gazprom Neft Novy Port)

Location: Yamal-Nenets Autonomous Area, Novy Port

Electronic power, MW: 26,5

Type of work: construction of two stages of Gas Reciprocating Power Plant, construction of overhead 6.3 kW transmission line, complex operation

EnergoTechService has worked at the Novoportovskoe field (Gazprom Neft Yamal) since 2012. In November 2013, a 12.3 MW GRPP was put into operation on the basis of eight units of the Cummins Gas Reciprocating Units. In the middle of 2016, nine more power modules of GRPP-2 were included in the local power system of the oil field and an overhead transmission line of 6.3 kW with a length of 120 km was built.

With the commissioning of the second stage, the installed capacity of the energy complex doubled from 12.3 MW to 26.5 MW. GRPP-2 consists of 14 block structures installed on stilts. Nine of them are modular gas reciprocating power plants equipped with engineering systems. Separate block-modules are allocated for the reserve diesel power plant, fuel gas preparation plant, control room, checkpoint, workshop and closed oil warehouse. In order to unify and ease of maintenance for the second stage, Cummins gas reciprocating units were also used: five gas reciprocating units of Cummins 1750GQNB (power capacity 1750 kW) and four units of 1370GQMA (1370 kW). Let us recall that GRPP-1 with installed capacity 12.3 MW is also based on Cummins equipment: eight gas reciprocating units 1540GQNA (1540 kW).

GRPP-1 and GRPP-2 will act as the main sources of power supply for technological and administrative facilities of the field until the commissioning of a powerful gas turbine electric power plant, which is currently under construction.

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Since 2014 OOO EnergoTechService provides its services to the OOO Gazprom Neft Novy Port on the Novoportovskoe field, the largest oil, gas and condensate field of Yamal area.
EnergoTechService as a contractor carries out the following work:
• operation of power equipment of the field.
• water treatment services for domestic, household and practical needs by own chemical water treatment stations.

EnergoTechService Company also performed starting-up, adjustment and installation works of gas reciprocating power plant complex (generating set of gas reciprocating units, switch-gears-6 kV, isolating transformers, operator room) including emergency power sources, associated facilities of the complex (pipe products for the gas pipeline, trestles, cable products), starting-up, adjustment and installation works for construction of basic and additional generating sets of GRPP.

At the moment, EnergoTechService provides a continuous power supply of all the facilities of Novoportovskoye field from GRPP.

A high quality of work and effectively fulfilling the commitments undertaken encourage faster deployment of the installed equipment by EnergoTechService. The high professionalism and competence of EnergoTechService team correspond to indicators of required qualification needed to fulfill the mandated tasks and deserve appreciation.

Deputy Head of the Power Utility, P.S. Ozherelkov

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