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The energy complex for temporary power supply of Kuyumbinskoe field


Location: Krasnoyarsk region

Electronic power, MW: 5,5

Type of work: development and coordination of project documentation, construction works, operation, repairs.

Power Center of Kuyumbinskoe field serves for temporary power supply of oil industry (work of drilling equipment, oil production facilities) and consumers conducting capital construction of technological facilities. The gas reciprocating power plant will provide power supply to the consumers of the Kuyumbinskoye field up to the commissioning of a gas turbine electric power plant, the construction of which is scheduled to begin in the very near future.

The contract between EnergoTechService and Slavneft-Krasnoyarskneftegaz was signed in March 2017, and four months later, the first stage was put into operation. The energy complex of the Kuyumbinskoye field is located in close proximity to the main technical and administrative buildings of the oilfield on the territory of about 2 hectares. The first stage of the energy complex of the Kuyumbinskoye field consists of the following modular buildings and structures: 3 gas reciprocating power plants based on Cummins gas reciprocating unit with unit capacity of 1540 kW, fuel gas preparation unit, 2 units of switch-gears with 10kV and with auxiliary transformers, oil stores, control room, home office of the operational team, two fire water storage tanks with 100 cubic meter, firebox, two searchlight masts that also perform lightning rod functions, emergency diesel power plant based on Cummins diesel generator unit with unit capacity of 800 kW. Specialists of EnergoTechService also carried out the construction of all in-house networks (cable and gas lines). In addition, construction of an overhead 10kW transmission line that extends approximately 200 meters was carried out.

Operation of all the equipment of gas reciprocating power plants is performed by employees of EnergoTechService. Operating Service consists of 16 people.
The second stage of the Gas Reciprocating Power Plant implies putting into operation another four identical GRPPs. Completion of the work to increase the total capacity of the energy complex of the Kuyumbinskoye field is planned in Q4 2019.

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