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The main equipment of the mini-CHP is the GE's Jenbacher J420 gas piston generator set, equipped with a heat recovery system for the cooling circuits of the engine jacket and the second stage of the intercooler, as well as the exhaust gas boiler. The operating mode of the power center is parallel with the power grid, without exporting power to the network.

It should be noted that a similar gas-piston power plant based on GE's Jenbacher J420 modular design is already in operation at the paper mill, put into operation in 2007. Further expansion of the power center on equipment of a similar series is due to the positive experience of GRPP operation in the first stage.

EnergoTechService will carry out a full range of turnkey works - from the delivery of the gas piston engine and the production of the power unit to the full integration of the mini-CHP in the electrical and thermal networks of the plant. Also under the terms of the contract, EnergoTechService will supply spare parts and maintain Jenbacher J420 within 8 years after commissioning the equipment.

The parties are also negotiating the further modernization of the mini-CHP plant of the paper mill. It is planned to modernize the heat recovery system by organizing steam production of 1.2 t / h with a pressure of 8 bar. EnergoTechService engineers will also reconfigure the GRPP control system to operate the power plant in the island operation. The beginning of the work is scheduled for the first half of 2019.

The commissioning of new equipment for commercial operation is scheduled for December 2018. At the moment, a gas piston unit is being manufactured at the GE's Jenbacher plant in Jenbach (Austria).

"We expect that within 2-2.5 years new equipment earn its keep and begin to generate profit," says the director of Comfort Evgenie Bever.

Information about the paper mill Comfort:

Paper mill has been operating since 1999 (since 2015 - OOO TD Comfort, formerly - OOO Nikmas). The mill's products occupy a leading position in the average price segment in the Ural-Siberian region and enjoy a stable demand among customers. To date, Comfort produces more than 100 types of products from recycled materials and 100% cellulose: toilet paper, single and double-layer, table and household napkins, towels, moisture-resistant dining rooms and households, etc.

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