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EnergoTechService Engineers have been trained in GE Waukesha courses

In September 2016, six employees of the Service and Technical Divisions of EnergoTechService were trained in the courses "Gas Engine Technology" (GET, Gas Engine Technology) and "Engine Management System" (ESM, Engine System Manager). Training was conducted in accordance with the requirements of General Electric company to its official distributors, and was aimed at the development of the company's personnel.

Training on educational programs was conducted in the office of the Russian representative office of GE, located in the heart of the business life of the capital - Moscow City. Training was conducted by Manuel Chaves - the leading trainer-teacher of the training center at GE Waukesha plant in Vokesh (USA, Wisconsin). Lectures were given in English. To translate and explain the most difficult technical issues in the audience, there were technical experts from the Russian GE office.

In the list of educational programs of GE Waukesha, it is "Gas Engine Technology" (GET, Gas Engine Technology) that is basic. The knowledge gained in studying this course is the basis for other educational programs aimed at a deeper study of gas engine equipment. The duration of GET training is 6 days. In addition to acquaintance with the models and technical characteristics of gas piston engines, commercially produced by GE Waukesha, "students" are introduced in detail to the basic systems of units (cooling, ignition, lubrication, gas-air, fuel), and also explain the features of their mounting and installation. At the request of the Russian audience this time, Manuel Chávez most particularly considered the possibility of analyzing the engine's work on the composition of the exhaust gas.

The second course, the Engine Management System (ESM), provided exhaustive information on the operation of the ESM electronic engine control module, which was mass-produced on the Waukesha GPA since 2002. It is this calculating center that gives signals for ignition, regulates the rotation of the engine, detects a detonation in the combustion chamber, controls the regular and emergency processes of starting and stopping, monitors and establishes the ratio of air in the fuel mixture, registers faults, etc.

It should be noted that the training involved the full involvement of students in the educational process. The lectures alternated with interactive group and individual exercises, and the coach offered to fix the knowledge by doing homework. The new training day always began with a detailed analysis of homework.

However, the main test for the listeners was the final testing. The "students" had to answer 195 difficult questions. And, if the number of correct answers in the test was below the level of 80%, the next chance was given only after a month of individual study of materials at home. Looking ahead, we will inform you that all the employees of EnergoTechService have overcome the 80% barrier, and some only 2% did not reach the highest level of 100%. According to Manuel Chavez, Russian students of the training year (2016) from the number of EnergoTechService employees demonstrated the highest level of practical and theoretical training. "We as producers of Waukesha gas piston engines can now be sure that our equipment is under reliable supervision," added Mr. Chavez.

As a result of final examinations all our employees received personal certificates.

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