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Expert RA rating agency has confirmed EnergoTechService credit rating

Expert RA rating agency has confirmed EnergoTechService creditworthiness rating at ruA- level with a stable outlook. The press release was published on agency's website on February 17, 2023. EnergoTechService credit rating has remained unchanged since 2021, despite the global economy turbulence provoked by COVID-19 pandemic and significant changes in international context.

In accordance with non-financial companies national rating scale, ruA- rating level reflects a high level of creditworthiness, financial reliability and stability: in short term, the company is highly likely to ensure timely fulfillment of all financial obligations, both current and arising in course of activities. A stable outlook confirms that credit rating will remain at its current positions in medium term — on 12 months horizon.

Expert RA analysts conducted a fundamental analysis of distributed energy industry indicators and EnergoTechService business profile. They noted company's order portfolio comfortable volume, low fixed assets depreciation degree and lack assets concentration, which provide a positive impact on company's stability and business continuity.

For the first time, Expert RA published an assessment of our rating on February 20, 2021 and confirmed it exactly a year later — on February 18, 2022. EnergoTechService is the only distributed energy company on associated petroleum gas in Russia with a public credit rating.

See details: https://www.raexpert.ru/releases/2023/feb17b

About Expert RA rating agency

Expert RA – Russia’s largest credit rating agency with a 25-years history
Founded in 1997, Expert RA is currently Russia’s oldest and largest credit rating agency both by customer base and by number of employees.
Expert RA is on the list of credit rating agencies accredited by the Bank of Russia.
Being rated by Expert RA is among the official requirements imposed on banks, insurers, pension funds, and issuers. Expert RA ratings are used by Bank of Russia, Ministry of Finance, Ministry of Economic Development, Moscow Exchange and other financial market participants.

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Expert RA rating agency has confirmed EnergoTechService credit rating
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Expert RA has confirmed EnergoTechService credit rating at ruA- level with a stable outlook

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