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New power module for a paper mill

EnergoTechService will produce, deliver and put into operation a modular gas power plant ETS-J1870 (1500 kWe) for the Comfort paper mill (Chelyabinsk). The power module will provide power supply to the new production site of the paper mill — NPO Penta, where the raw paper is produced. The new unit will replenish the paper mill's own gas engines fleet. Comfort power equipment park consists of three power units based on similar gas engines, launched in 2007, 2019 and 2021. Thus, the electric power of Comfort's own generation will increase by a third — from 4.5 MW to 6 MW.

Serial ETS-J1870 based on the Jenbacher J420 GPU without a heat recovery system will be used in island operating mode. ETS-J1870 has one of the highest electrical efficiency in the class — 43.4 %. The frame of the ETS-J1870 module has a reinforced structure designed with a large margin of safety - all metal structures retain their bearing capacity for more than 20 years.

Serial equipment and a powerful warehouse program will allow complete project implementation in a short time. The delivery of the GPP to the construction site took place in early June, and the launch is scheduled for mid-July 2021. At the moment, Comfort's own services are completing the preparation of the production site for the new power unit and the supply of communication lines.

"We are systematically developing our own generation at the enterprise," says Yevgeny Bever, director of Comfort paper mill. The main reason for this approach to energy supply is economic. "Paper production is quite energy-intensive, electricity reaches up to 50% in the structure of the cost of raw paper," adds Yevgeny. According to him, the difference between your own and the network kilowatt allows to recoup all the capital costs for the project in 3-4 years and consistently to make a profit in the future.

Information about Comfort paper mill:
The paper mill has been operating since 1998 (since 2015 —TD Comfort LLC, previously — Nikmas LLC). Comfort products take a leading position in the middle price segment in the Ural-Siberian region and are in stable demand among customers. Today, Comfort produces more than 100 types of products from recycled raw materials and from one hundred percent cellulose — single and double-layer toilet paper, table and household napkins, moisture-proof table and household towels, etc. The core trademarks are "Main Paper "and "Picnic". Since 2017 the plant has launched a production modernization program aimed at energy saving and minimizing the level of environmental impact.

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