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New power unit for Vorontsovskoye oilfield

EnergoTechService has commissioned a new power unit as part of the GPP of the Vorontsovskoye oilfield (Novy Potok Oil Company LLC). The modular gas power plant ETS-W1560 currently operates as part of the local power system of the oilfield. The installed capacity of the power center after the launch of the new equipment reached 5.8 MW (e).

EnergoTechService was declared the winner of the tender for power supply of the Vorontsovskoye oilfield in early November 2020. First kilowatts for the oilfield equipment and life support facilities were delivered by the energy complex a month later — in December 2020. The launch of the GPP into operation took place on December 22, 2020 for the professional holiday — Power Engineer's Day. EnergoTechService use own fleet of modular power plants. The duration of the contract is 5 years - until the end of 2025. The operation of all the equipment of the GPP is carried out by employees of the Operation Department of EnergoTechService.

At the moment, 3 units of ETS-W1375 and 2 units оf ETS-W1560 are generating electricity at the field. It was at the Vorontsovskoye oilfield that the commercial operation of the ETS-W1560 began for the first time. The new modular GPP product line was launched by EnergoTechService at the very beginning of 2021. The project provides for the possibility of further increasing the capacity of the power plant to 6 units of ETS-W1560. Another distinctive feature of the project is the delivery of power to the customer for a voltage of 20 kV. The conversion of 6.3 / 20 kV is carried out in an open-type step-up transformer substation consisting of two oil transformers with a capacity of 4000 kVA each. The fuel for gas engines is associated petroleum gas from the oil produced at the Vorontsovskoye oilfield.

Газовая электростанция Waukesha на Воронцовском месторождении ("Нефтяная Компания Новый Поток")

Information about the Novy Potok Oil Company LLC:

Novy Potok is a private company, a member of the Russian Upstream sector since 2015, conducts exploration and production of hydrocarbons within the boundaries of the license areas of the Vorontsovskoye, Gremyachevskoye and Mogutovskoye oilfields. The oilfields are located in the Buzuluksky district in the west of the Orenburg Region in the immediate vicinity of the Buzuluksky Bor National Park. The fact of close proximity to the nature reserve determined the company's systematic approach to environmental responsibility. Novy Potok also got a dangerous legacy of the past — 63 wells drilled in the 50-70s of the last century during the exploration and production of oil and gas. In 2017-2020, before the start of oil production, Novy Potok carried out a complex of works on the liquidation and conservation of dangerous wells and reclamation of disturbed lands.

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