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Own generation for a paper mill in 2.5 months

EnergoTechService will supply and commission a gas reciprocating power plant with an installed capacity of 1.5 MW (e) for the paper mill NPO Penta (Chelyabinsk). The GRPP will be delivered to the Penta production site 2 months after the signing of the contract - at the very beginning of April 2021. Such a short delivery time became possible due to the use of serial equipment in the project and the powerful warehouse program of EnergoTechService.

The project uses a modular gas-reciprocating power plant ETS-J1870, which has been serially produced by EnergoTechService since 2019. GRPP has one of the highest electrical efficiency in the class - 43.4%. The energy center will operate in parallel with the electricity grid, without exporting power to the grid.

The power module for Penta will be delivered in a high degree of factory readiness. Components of engineering systems, including cabling and piping, will be installed at the TPEP in Tyumen. There, at the test stand, testing of automation systems, high-voltage equipment, hydraulic systems and pipelines will be carried out. A high degree of availability will significantly reduce the amount of installation and commissioning work on site. Within 2 weeks after delivery, the GRPP will be put into commercial operation.

Penta is a new production site at the Comfort paper mill dedicated to the production of base paper. The main power consumers are electric motors of the Voith paper machine (Germany), which produces up to 18 thousand tons of base paper per year.

“In the structure of the cost of base paper production, the cost of electricity is about 50%,” says Sergei Shcherbo, director of NPO Penta. According to him, due to the low cost of its own kilowatt, the GRPP should pay off in 3-4 years. “Our main site already has equipment supplied by EnergoTechService in 2018,” adds Sergey. - “We can note the reliability and ease of operation of the gas reciprocating power plant, the clarity and efficiency of the service support provided by the supplier”.

Information about NPO Penta
NPO Penta is a leading producer of base paper in the Ural-Siberian region. Production facilities are located in Chelyabinsk. The paper base is used for the manufacture of household and sanitary products - toilet paper, paper napkins and towels. Penta produces about 18 thousand tons of base paper per year.

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Own generation for a paper mill in 2.5 months
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