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The best engine operators and electricians are determined by the results of the competition

At the beginning of November, the full-time stage of the competition "Best by Profession-2022" among employees of EnergoTechService was completed. 6 electricians for the repair and maintenance of electrical equipment and 6 engine operators who qualified for the final according to the results of the qualifying remote stage showed their skills. All competitions were held at the Tyumen Power Equipment Plant.

Once again, the contestants were waiting for difficult tasks from the theory and practice of their profession. The first task, "Checking the knowledge of the current rules, instructions and norms", was 30 questions on industrial safety and professional competencies, which were to be answered by both electricians and machinists participating in the competition.

Электромонтер по ремонту и обслуживанию электрооборудования ЭнергоТехСервис

In the practical part of the competition, the electricians first compiled a switching form for the withdrawal of 1T to the repair of the ZRU-10/0.4kV "Test Stand", and then performed operational switching in accordance with this document. The engine operators, in turn, replaced the cylinder head gasket of the Jenbacher 320 engine, adjusted the valve mechanism of the Jenbacher 612 engine (version E) with the control of the protrusion of the valve rods and adjusted the spark plugs.

Ремонт Jenbacher в Тюмени

The second day of the competition was devoted to tasks on HSE. The contest participants confidently demonstrated the skills of rescuing a victim from electric shock (dummy).

Охрана труда и пожарная безопасность в электростанции

Control over the demonstration of the contestants' skills, recording of the results and evaluation were carried out by members of the competition commission from among the managers and specialists of the specialized services of EnergoTechService. According to the number of points scored, the jury determined the three winners among the engine operators and electricians of the ROEO. All prize-winners received certificates of honor and valuable prizes.

The organizers of the contest also reported that since 2022, the contest of professional skills "The Best in profession" in EnergoTechService has received the status of a regular event. New stages of the competition will be held in 2023.

Based on the materials of the internal communications service "EnergoTechService"

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