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Trigeneration for Mekhta (Samara)

Photo: After signing the contract, the Deputy Director for Commerce of EnergoTechService V. A. Svergin hands the model of the future power plant to the General Director of Mehta Alexander Lepikhin

EnergoTechService will provide electricity, heat and cold supply to the production facilities of the oilfield equipment repair enterprise of AO Mekhta (Samara). The project will be implemented as soon as possible - by the beginning of the autumn period of 2021, the power complex will be put into operation.

The project uses modular equipment: a containerized gas-reciprocating power plant ETS-J1330 based on a Jenbacher J320 gas engine with a capacity of 1063 kW (el.) and a single-stage Thermax TAC L1P2 ABRM with a cooling capacity of 650 kW. EnergoTechService will manufacture the main equipment at its production facilities. Installation supervision, commissioning and all activities prior to putting the facility into commercial operation are also in the area of responsibility of EnergoTechService. During the commissioning process, EnergoTechService engineers will conduct training for Mekhta technical personnel in the basics of equipment operation, the procedure and methods of basic maintenance. Further operation of the facility after launch will be carried out by the customer's own services.

The operation of the power complex in trigeneration mode is ensured by an absorption lithium bromide refrigeration machine (ABRM) - an installation that produces cold from thermal energy generated by a gas reciprocating unit. The absorbent is heated using the heat of the exhaust gases and the engine cooling jacket. The capacity of ABRM is 111.5 m3 / h of water cooled to +7 °C. Cold water is used in Mehta's technologies for the repair of oilfield equipment.

The project is being implemented under a leasing scheme, which allowed Mehta to significantly reduce the amount of its own working capital raised for the project. “In a short time, we will be able to cover the monthly payment to the lessor due to the difference between the network tariff and the cost of our own kilowatt,” says Aleksandr Lepikhin, General Director of Mehta. The second part of the savings, according to him, is the elimination of the energy consumption of powerful refrigerators, which in the new scheme will replace the ABRM.

Information about AO Mehta

Mehta renders services for diagnostics, maintenance and repair of oil submersible equipment (pumps, motors and cable lines) using technological equipment of its own design - stands, lines for assembly and disassembly, washing and drying installations, etc. The main customers are vertically integrated oil and gas companies developing their fields in the Volga and Ural federal districts. Production and service facilities of Mehta are located in Samara and Buzuluk (Orenburg region). The total area of workshops exceeds 4000 m2. The company employs over 600 employees.

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Trigeneration for Mekhta (Samara)
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Trigeneration for Mekhta (Samara)

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