Distributed Energy Project Management
and service provider
of GE Waukesha
and service provider
of GE Jenbacher
Alternative energy
Energy supply of oil and gas fields


Head of the Service Department,

M.V. Manokhin

Director ,
Honored Power Engineer of the Russian Federation

A.A. Svergin

equipment in operation:

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EnergoTechService performs the full range of operation of energy facilities (including remote oil and gas fields):

  • technical and operational maintenance of power generation facilities;
  • operation and maintenance of equipment of power plants and thermal power plants;
  • operational dispatch control of operated facilities;
  • operation and maintenance of power distribution systems (electrical networks, transformer substations, relay protection and automatic equipment);
  • operation and maintenance of boiler-houses and networks of heat, water and gas supply service;
  • services of a certified electrotechnical laboratory;
  • adoption, adjustment and operation of automation, accounting, monitoring and dispatching systems;
  • services for the inspection, supply, adjustment and operation of water treatment facilities;
  • logistic setup of spare parts, consumables and process fluids to local warehouses.

EnergoTechService, acting as the official partner of the generating and process equipment manufacturers, carries out production and delivery of various equipment:

  • supply of GE gas engines and generator sets based on them (GE Waukesha and GE's Jenbacher);
  • supply of power plants with alternative fuels;
  • supply of switchgears and CTS;
  • supply and lease of load modules for testing;
  • supply of fuel gas preparation units;
  • lease of generating and auxiliary equipment;
  • feasibility study of the choice of energy and process equipment;
  • production and supply of compressor equipment;
  • supply of spare parts and consumables.

EnergoTechService has a structure and streamlined business processes that allow building energy infrastructure facilities of any complexity:

  • acting as designer and general contractor;
  • technical supervision;
  • development of project and working documentation;
  • calculation of budgets and preparation of estimates;
  • coordination of documentation in supervisory bodies;
  • selection and supply of technology and equipment;
  • completing of construction facilities;
  • supplying with mechanisms;
  • preparation of the construction site and registration of land relations;
  • construction and installation works;
  • Landscaping and telecommunication support of the facility;
  • Acceptance of the facility. 

The launch of a new or modernization of an existing power or process facility in modern production is a complex task. Its solution always begins with a examination of facilities which is carried out under the technical and technological audit main production and conservation enterprises to estimate the cost of fuel, electricity and heat, water and other energy.

The next stage is connected with the selection of optimal technical and organizational solutions - technologies, equipment, methods of interaction of suppliers, financing schemes, etc., which form the basis of the main document - feasibility study of the project submitted for consideration by the customer. EnergoTechService chief engineer office participates in the examination of all the documentation on the project at the stage of its preparation, and in the course of the project.
  • pre-design inspection of objects;
  • technical and technological audit;
  • selection of technical solutions;
  • energy audit and resource-saving;
  • Preparation of a feasibility study of construction projects and modernization of energy facilities;
  • examination of project and working documentation;
  • development of automation, accounting, monitoring and dispatching systems;
  • technical supervision and methodical management of the personnel;
  • interaction with regional supervisory authorities;
  • interaction with suppliers and consumers of energy resources;
  • Coordination of the work of units that are part of the Chief Engineer Service (production technology department, central control unit, relay protection and automatic equipment, automatic control system of the enterprise). 
Only competent and timely maintenance can become the basis for the uninterrupted power supply of the responsible facility. Technical specialists carry out round-the-clock operation of equipment, carry out mandatory preventive maintenance, technical and operational maintenance of electrical equipment and electrical networks.

Overhaul is the most important kind of scheduled service maintenance, which requires the maximum competence of the organization that performs a complex of these works. That is why in the structure of EnergoTechService a separate business unit, Service Management, was singled out. In its structure - only certified manufacturing plants specialists with long experience in servicing power equipment from different manufacturers. In the area of responsibility of the Service Department of EnergoTechService the following works and services:

  • major repairs of gas piston and diesel units;
  • repair and service of gas turbine equipment;
  • repair, modernization and reconstruction of compressor equipment;
  • development and modernization of power equipment management systems;
  • technical support of design and installation works;
  • Repair of internal combustion engine’s components at the service base in Yalutorovsk;
  • commissioning works;
  • diagnostics and complex testing of power equipment, preparation of feasibility study of repair work;
  • educational programs aimed at improving the qualification of the personnel operating the regional offices;
  • training of the operating personnel of the customer;
  • Supply of spare parts and consumables. 
It is known that the energy supplier, in addition to the impressive experience in the implementation of "energy" projects, should have a high level of competence in financial management and be dynamic and flexible at the same time. EnergoTechService - one of the few companies that meet these requirements. In the implementation of the investment project, the company takes on the following functions:

  • production of electric and heat energy using own generating capacities and sales its to the customer;
  • development of business plans (feasibility studies) for projects in the energy sector;
  • investment scenario modeling; 
  • financing management of investment projects;
  • insurance of investment projects in international markets;
  • financial and technical supervision of the project;
  • implementation of energy supply projects on the basis of BOO and BOOT*.

* - forms of project financing. Build-own-operate (BOO) and build-own-operate-transfer (BOOT).

This approach involves the development and delivery to the customer of electric and thermal energy generated using EnergoTechService power plants. Main advantages:
- sale of electric and heat energy at reasonable fixed tariffs throughout the duration of the contract;
- EnergoTechService performs all communications with the supervisory and regulatory authorities;
- supply, storage and accounting of fuel, as well as control of its consumption are in the area of responsibility of EnergoTechService;
- energy distribution functions (commercial and technical accounting, contract work with sub-subscribers) is in the area of responsibility of EnergoTechService.