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Energy Service contracts It is known that the energy supplier, in addition to the impressive experience in the implementation of "energy" projects, should have a high level of competence in financial management and be dynamic and flexible at the same time. EnergoTechService - one of the few companies that meet these requirements. In the implementation of the investment project, the company takes on the following functions:

  • production of electric and heat energy using own generating capacities and sales its to the customer;
  • development of business plans (feasibility studies) for projects in the energy sector;
  • investment scenario modeling; 
  • financing management of investment projects;
  • insurance of investment projects in international markets;
  • financial and technical supervision of the project;
  • implementation of energy supply projects on the basis of BOO and BOOT*.

* - forms of project financing. Build-own-operate (BOO) and build-own-operate-transfer (BOOT).

This approach involves the development and delivery to the customer of electric and thermal energy generated using EnergoTechService power plants. Main advantages:
- sale of electric and heat energy at reasonable fixed tariffs throughout the duration of the contract;
- EnergoTechService performs all communications with the supervisory and regulatory authorities;
- supply, storage and accounting of fuel, as well as control of its consumption are in the area of responsibility of EnergoTechService;
- energy distribution functions (commercial and technical accounting, contract work with sub-subscribers) is in the area of responsibility of EnergoTechService.

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