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On March 19-28, 2018, nine employees of the service department and the ACS department of the master engineer EnergoTechService department were trained in the FTB (Basic Field Tech Training) program on the GE's Jenbacher gas engine line. Educational courses with a total duration of almost 70 study hours were held in the office of the Russian representative office of GE, located in the business life center of the Russian capital - Moscow City. To consolidate the theoretical material practical training one day "students" held in the Moscow region on the operating facility, where the GPU is operated by GE's Jenbacher.

The training was conducted in accordance with the requirements of GE to its official distributors and service partners. Based on the results of the training, the certification was carried out, which confirmed the high level of knowledge and skills of all FTB students, and also issued personal certificates.

FTB is the basic course that serves as the basis for other educational programs aimed at a deeper study of GE's Jenbacher gas engine equipment. Nevertheless, already this knowledge is enough for carrying out all regulated procedures for maintenance of engines up to TO 15 000.

«In the opinion of the professional community, it is our service  team of EnergoTechService, currently has the highest level of knowledge and experience in servicing the GE Waukesha units in Russia», — says the head of the EnergoTechService service department Maxim Manohin. According to him, started training - systematic move aimed at creating and strengthening EnergoTechService competencies in relation to the range of engines GE's Jenbacher.

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