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EnergoTechService is ready for new technological challenges

On September 19, 2023, the Association "Oil & Gas Cluster" (OGC) and EnergoTechService signed an annual agreement — a roadmap, which defined joint activities aimed at effective interaction of our company with vertically integrated Oil & Gas companies and other participants in the oil & gas market.

The agreement was signed on TNF-2023 Industrial and Energy Forum, which was successfully held from September 18 to 21, 2023 in Tyumen. The document was solemnly signed by Alexander Vasiliev, OGC Development Director, and Valery Svergin, Deputy Director for Commerce of EnergoTechService.

EnergoTechService has been an active participant in the OGC for more than 2 years: the agreement on participation in the OGC industrial activities was signed on August 5, 2021. At that time, the cluster consisted of 45 companies representing 10 regions of Russia — oil & gas producing enterprises, oilfield services and manufacturing enterprises. Currently, the number of cluster members exceeds 130 companies from 20 regions.

OGC main goal is to reduce the share of imported equipment and services in the oil & gas industry. This is expected to be achieved through the implementation of high-tech projects by cluster member companies using the cluster ecosystem and a participant interaction model based on the principle of "technological challenge – target project".

"We consider EnergoTechService as our strategic partner in the field of small distributed energy," Alexander Vasiliev stressed.

"Power supply plays a crucial role in Oil & Gas and service enterprises production and technological chains. — says Valery Svergin. "EnergoTechService was the first in Russia to develop and apply a number of breakthrough technologies for oil and gas power supply." First of all, we are talking about gas engines in drilling power supply and wells annulus gas as fuel for GPP usage. Valery noted that EnergoTechService will be able to fully realize its scientific and production potential in OGC ecosystem. "We are ready for new technological challenges!", Valery summed up.

About OGC Association
OGC Association acts as the management company of the cluster. Its main function is to create conditions for effective interaction between OGC participants, educational and scientific institutions, non-profit organizations, public authorities and local governments, investors in the interests of implementing OGC development program and achieving its targets. The basic OGC infrastructure facilities are the Tyumen region industrial parks, the industrial site "DSK-500" (in the future — an industrial technopark), as well as the "West Siberian Innovation Center" ("Tyumen Technopark"). It is here that general meetings of participants, conferences and round tables are held, as well as the OGC central event— the Industrial and Energy Forum (TNF).

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EnergoTechService is ready for new technological challenges
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