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Distributed Energy in Polymer Pipes and Fittings Production

EnergoTechService has put into operation a modular gas reciprocating power plant for Plastic LLC (Orenburg), a manufacturer of polymer pipes and fittings under the RVC trademark. GPP ETS-J1330 (el.1063 kW) provides 70% of Plastic production facilities power supply.

GPP is equipped with a gas engine cooling jacket heat recovery system. 641 kW of thermal energy from engine high-temperature cooling circuit is used for administration and amenity facilities heating.

72-hour power plant testing was successfully completed on April 16, 2023. During commissioning, EnergoTechService service engineers instructed the customer's technical staff on basics of operation & maintenance procedures. At the moment, GPP operation is carried out by Plastic Chief Power Engineer Office technicians.

ETS-J1330 works in parallel with network. Power import & export is managed by an EnergoTechService automation cabinet manufactured on Russian-made components basis. The innovation is designed to replace standard engine control system electronic components, which have become unavailable due to European and American gas engines manufacturers restrictions. This is the first time automation cabinet usage. 

"Project implemented by EnergoTechService allowed us to reduce energy supply costs by up to 50% and heat supply by up to 100%," says Andrian Kolesnik, Plastic LLC Chief Power Engineer. According to him, own generation is a flexible solution that can protect from electric and thermal power suppliers tariffs growth and ensure facilities energy independence.

About Plastic LLC
Plastic LLC is an expert in production of polymer systems for water supply, heating and fire extinguishing under the trademarks RVC and Antifire since 1989. RVC pipes and fittings are used in cold and hot water supply systems, heating, water treatment, sewerage, in pneumatic passages and process pipelines. Since 2020, Plastic is part of the large metallurgical holding Akron Holding.

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