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The EnergoTechService team has become the best in its profession in St. Petersburg

In the photo: Deputy Director for Production of EnergoTechService, O.N. Sidorenko receives an award from the head of the Gazprom Neft energy department P. V. Berezny

The EnergoTechService team became the winner of the annual competition of professional skill "The Best in Profession" among energy service enterprises of oil and gas companies. Competitions were held from September 26 to September 28, 2018 on the basis of the Lenenergo training complex in the settlement of Tervolovo (Leningrad Region, Gatchina District). The organizer of the competition is Gazpromneft.

The festival of professional skill "The Best in Profession" gathered highly qualified representatives of companies providing energy supply to the Russian "oil industry" in Gatchina land. The teams defended the honor of five energy service enterprises from five cities of Russia - Energoneft Tomsk (Tomsk), MegionEnergoNeft (Megion), NoyabrskEnergoNeft (Noyabrsk), EnergoTechService (Moscow) and GazpromEnergo (Moscow).

Competitions were held for three days. They were held in conditions close to real, with rain and gusting wind. Some trials evaluated the theoretical preparation of the contestants, but most of them were aimed at testing practical skills. Participants extinguished a training fire in a 10 / 0.4 kV package transformer substation where transformer oil ignited; rescued the victim (dummy) from the electric current in the contact compartment of the 10 kV complete distribution device of external installation cell, replaced the defective 10 kV isolator, repaired the vacuum switch in the 10 kV indoor switchgear, and even inspected the distribution network equipment and high voltage lines in three-dimensional virtual reality using a computer simulator.

The training complex "Lenenergo" organizers have chosen not by chance. It is here that the most modern 110/35/10 kV substation with a 40 MVA power transformer, as well as training complexes of high-voltage and distribution networks with supports of various designs, is located in Russia and neighboring countries.

It is obvious that no competition can take place without fair refereeing. To ensure an objective assessment of the actions of the contestants, the jury of the competition consisted only of employees of PAO Rosseti.

Winners were determined by the number of points scored. The maximum possible number of points - 1180. As a result, the first place was taken by the team of the company EnergoTechService, which scored 1109.75 points. It is 50 points ahead of Megionenergoneft. Bronze - at GazpromEnergogoneft. The fight for the third place was very tense: the difference in points scored was only 4 hundredths.

Within the framework of the competitions, parallel contests were held: “The best master in maintenance and repair of electrical equipment”, “The best electrician in maintenance and repair of electrical equipment” and “Electrician in maintenance and repair of Relay Protection and Automatic equipment”. And here, the representatives of EnergoTechService were without equal. Elvir Minniakhmetov and Vladimir Povalyayev were recognized as the best master and the best electrician.

The head of the Gazpromneft energy department P.V. Berezniy, the head of the energy supply and development department of the Gazpromneft energy department S.G. Natalin, the top management of the participating companies and other officials took part in the award ceremony. Distinguished guests and judicial teams confirmed the high level of team training. According to the organizers, the bar, which was set by the participants of the “Best in Profession” competition, will serve as an incentive for other workers in the industry to learn new things, improve and develop their competencies.

Pavel Berezny, speaking at the awards ceremony, thanked the participants for their dedication during the three days of hard work, and drew attention to the importance of team work in the energy sector. He jokingly remarked that the success of EnergoTechService is explained not only by their high level of professional training, but also by the fact that the head of the EnergoTechService team was always with his colleagues and was wearing the same workwear as other members of his team. “Therefore, as a result, well-coordinated and reliable work,” added P. Berezny.

All the winners received memorable gifts from the hands of the organizers, symbolizing reliability and accuracy - tablet computers and Swiss watches.

The contest allows masters of their work, working directly at production facilities, to prove to everyone and themselves that their specialties are not just important, but irreplaceable, says Oleg Sidorenko, leader of the winning team, deputy director for production at EnergoTechService. - I confidently declare that we can truly be proud of our power engineers!

Briefly about the competition "The Best in Profession" among energy service enterprises of oil and gas companies:

The “Best in Profession” contest among energy service enterprises of oil and gas companies has been held annually since 2017. The organizer of the competition is invariably the Energy Department of PAO Gazpromneft. The event is part of the long-term program of PJSC Gazpromneft aimed at improving the reliability and safety of work, sharing best practices, increasing labor productivity and improving the level of professional training in preparing, allowing and conducting work in electrical installations and equipment of RPA.

In 2017, a commemorative postage stamp was issued dedicated to the competition. The project was developed by the Russian Academy of Arts (art. E. Egorov).

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The EnergoTechService team has become the best in its profession in St. Petersburg
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